Self Cleaning Irrigation Ditch Screen

Is your Irrigation Ditch Screen clogged again?  No longer a worry with our Self Cleaning Irrigation Ditch Screen.

SCIDS Pipe Hinge 001 SCIDS Pipe Hinge 002 SCIDS Pipe Hinge 003 SCIDS Pipe Hinge 004

SCIDS Pipe Hinge 005 SCIDS Pipe Hinge 007 SCIDS Pipe Hinge 009 SCIDS Pipe Hinge 008

Introducing SCIDS (Self-Cleaning Irrigation Ditch Screen)

Metal Works, Inc., proudly introduces SCIDS, a Self-Cleaning Irrigation Ditch Screen. This screen
uses the flow of the water in the irrigation canal, which turns the water wheel with an attached
brush. The rotating brush sweeps the algae and debris off the attached screen allowing the free
flow of water to your irrigation system.

So, put the SCIDS to algae and debris, as well as the extensive labor involved in cleaning your
Irrigation screens, and let SCIDS do the cleaning for you. When servicing is needed, the “Pipe
Hinge” makes it a breeze.

For more information please contact Frank Andrews at Metal Works. (Patent Pending)

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P. O. Box 451
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